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Serving Angelina County

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Coolers And Heaters Made In The USA

Two-Year Warranty On All Coolers

We value everything about the USA and we realize the importance of giving jobs to our workers here in this nation. Our country and our values are what we cherish, and "made in the USA" is a phrase that we revolve around in anything we deal with.

If you are renting a cooler and it manages to stop functioning, we will immediately replace it. Our two-year warranty covers all of the coolers we purchase. Compare that to our competitor’s coolers that only carry a 90-day warranty! When it comes to our water quality, USA-made appliances and warranty coverage, choosing us is the most logical choice. In addition, our coolers are made of durable hard plastic.

We are dependable, reliable, and dedicated to your bottled/bulk-water needs. We stand out from the rest.

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Cooler rentals available

Cooler Rentals Available

Hot, cold, or single-temperature water for you

High-Quality Coolers Are Available For Rental To Keep Your Water At The Right Temperature At All Times

The Water Store of Lufkin, TX outweighs and outlasts the competition with durable, super high-quality coolers and heaters made for your varying water-temperature needs. Our 15 years of experience gives you the advantage when it comes to water cooling and heating needs - not to mention clean, clear, and high-quality water!